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Ardent Audio Productions, now in it's 17th year, was founded and continues to be run by musician, producer and engineer Rich Wenzel. Rich is a 30 year veteran of the music industry. He and his talented staff offer clients a suite of services including:

Music Production and Recording

CD Projects

Sound Design

Commercial Jingles


Industrial Projects

Demo Projects

Among other talents, we are music production experts, capable of producing tracks in most genres of music and produce each different style authentically. We pay attention to every detail.

We have an extensive sound library and array of virtual synths, samplers & drum samples, synthesizers, samples and drum modules (see our equipment list) as well MIDI sequencing software for complete loop creation and manipulation. Combined with our computer system, these tools make taking the step toward Hip-Hop, Techno or loop based programming, for example, an easy one.


Our goal is to get the most creativity from every musician.

We develop a comfortable working relationship with you, the artist, so that your sessions run smoothly and productively - creating a balance between artist and studio which is apparent in every aspect of the recording process done at Ardent Audio Productions.

Our ability to understand the needs and desires of each client enables us to fully complement your musical style. Although we are a professional, commercial studio, the musical background of our engineers allows us to recognize the unique challenges of audio recording, and helps us create an environment conducive to creativity and musical excellence.

At Ardent, we recognize your varying levels of recording experience. We make every effort to develop an enjoyable and educational atmosphere, where your vision can be realized, and taken to the next level. We are here to help you make an impact!

Ardent Audio Productions has developed and designed a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for recording. We provide you with the best possible sounds, at a price you can afford. Our engineers are here to help you move smoothly through the process, so that the time clock does not become the focus of the sessions. Ardent has spared no expense in outfitting the studio with the best possible equipment and instruments to help capture every nuance of your music.

Visit the equipment page for the list of assets we provide for you at the studio, at no extra cost.

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All rates shown include comprehensive engineering and musical assistance in composition, arrangement and production. For a personal quotation please contact us at your convenience.

Services page:
rate = $50 - $75
Block Rates (8 hours) $400.00
Weekly (five 8 hour Days): $2000

Hourly Rates: $50 - $75 hour (depending on project)
Block Rates (8 hours): $400.00
Weekly (five 8 hour Days): $2000.00
Arranging: $75 per song
Producing: $150 per song + a standard 2 points on the CD.

Studio Musicians: $50.00-$100.00+ per song (average)

Complete package rates available on Recording + Mastering

Note: All hourly rates are due at the end of each session. All sessions require a deposit at the time of confirmation.

For your convenience, This is a basic outline for recording a 10 song CD for a live band. Number of days will vary depending on complexity of production.

Days 1 - 2: Record basic tracks (drums, bass, rhythm guitar, piano, vocals)
Days 3 - 6: Overdubs (lead guitar, keys, etc.)
Days 7 - 10: Lead vocals
Days 11 - 14: Background Vocals
Days 15 - 18: Mix (mix days may vary)

Price for the above session is based on the daily block rate established between the client and our staff. The number of days will vary depending on the artist/band.


The Recording Process

1. Pre Production

If this is your first project, don't worry! We'll help guide you though every step of the recording process. We will meet with you to look at the overall picture. What you have in mind for production and help guide you to the most efficient way to prepare for your recording. We'll help organize sessions, prepare musicians and hiring of musicians if necessary.

2. Tracking

Between our Focusrite mic pre-amps, Trident sidecar, our fine array of mic's and our engineering expertise we will capture ever detail of your music.

3. Mixing

ProTools and the Focusrite Control 24 allow for the finest automated mixes to be made and saved, for the perfect mix.

A combination of Plug-ins or Vintage and State-of-the-art outboard gear is used to add just the right amount of control to your recorded tracks.

4. Mastering

Mastering has recently become a buzz word among recording artists, yet many people still do not know what it means.

The fact is, even fewer people have the ability to do it. At Ardent we offer the most current digital mastering tools to offer you the best possible sounding Master CD. The final touches of clarity and impact, as well as song sequence, are done at this stage.


Studio Musicians

If you are in need of production assistance, you have come to the right place. Not only can we help you realize your vision musically, but we have a large network of top studio musicians (some who happen to be Ardent staff) ready to help.

Our studio musicians are some of the top session players and singers around with credits ranging from Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather, Etta James, John Haitt, Randy Newman, Barbara Streisand, Pancho Sanchez to name a few. These musicians are very creative, easy to work with and want to give you what you want. They know how to get the job done!

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